Rumble 2016 Pics

Boston’s Rock and Roll Rumble


Hey mom we did it! Junior Classics was invited to take part in this years Rock and Roll Rumble. If you don’t know what it is…let us tell you. It’s the time honored (started 1979) annual Greater Boston area battle of the bands competition. Hosted by local rock radio station WZLX, 24 steamy sweaty New England bands battle it out to be #1. It’s a great place to meet and hear all of the hottest local acts and immerse yourself in the great music the northeast has to offer. To be real it’s basically a week straight of boozing and rock and roll…which is heaven on earth. This year it will be hosted at the new Once Lounge in Somerville, a large banquet hall type room with plenty of space to headbang, sway, or nod approvingly. We can’t wait to take part and give you guys a good show!

It’s sponsored by WZLX, Vanyaland, the Verb Hotel, and Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood. These guys all are a huge support to the local music scene, and without them so many talented acts would slip by unnoticed, so make sure to show them support!

We find out our rumble date Sunday 3/13 on the Boston Emissions. Show starts at 10pm!